Indications That Your Kid Has a Vision Issue

Good vision and healthy eyes are vital for the development and growth of your kid. The truth is that learning is 80% visual. This means poor vision can greatly affect the success of a kid in sports, school, and other aspects of life.  

Vision issues that aren’t detected can influence the performance of your kid both in and out of school. Thus, it is crucial for you to know eye health so you can identify the indications that your kid might have a vision issue and perhaps require glasses.  

You shouldn’t hesitate to search for the best “pediatric optometrist near me” on Google for your kid if you notice these signs: 

Having a Hard Time Focusing on Schoolwork 

Since kids have to accurately and quickly adapt their visual focus from near to distant and on several various items ranging from tablets and textbooks to computers and chalkboards, vision issues might manifest as a lack of focus on schoolwork.  

Complaining of Eye Pain or Headaches 

If your kid has vision issues, he/she might be overexerting his/her eyes trying to increase the focus of blurred vision. If this happens, your kid might complain about headaches or eye pain at the end of the day.  

Excessively Rubbing Eyes 

Rubbing your eyes excessively might show that your kid is suffering eye strain or eye fatigue. This can be an indication of a lot of forms of vision conditions and issues. This includes allergic conjunctivitis.  

Holding Mobile Devices Too Close to the Eyes or Sitting Too Close to the TV 

Lowering the head while reading, holding mobile devices too close to the eyes, or sitting too close to the TV are all potential indications of poor eyesight. Individuals who have nearsightedness, or myopia, have a poorer vision at a distance and clear vision at close range. They can make an image clearer and better if they bring it close to their eyes.  

Covering One Eye or Tilting Head 

Your kid may tilt his/her head or cover one eye to change the angle of vision when trying to improve clarity. This may be a sign that your kid has amblyopia or his/her eyes are misaligned. For those who don’t know, this is one of the most common eye conditions in kids.  


This might be an indication that your kid has a refractive condition. This influences how well the eyes focus on an image. Your kid might be able to improve clarity and focus temporarily by squinting.  

What Should You Do If Your Kid Fails a Vision Exam? 

Vision screenings are usually performed by the school. You should schedule an appointment with a professional pediatric optometrist if your kid fails a vision screening at school.  

A pediatric optometrist will conduct a comprehensive eye assessment to help check for visual clarity and acuity. However, it can also detect other issues. This includes: 

  • Signs of more severe eye illnesses 
  • The overall health of the outside and inside of the eye 
  • Depth perception 
  • Eye alignment 

It is crucial that you schedule an appointment with an eye doctor every year if your kid already has glasses.